Cooper Basin

Strike's Cooper-Eromanga Basin permits are prospective for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons in shales, coals and sands.  Strike is planning an evaluation program to demonstrate the commercial potential of this massive prospective resource.

Strike's Cooper - Eromanga Highlights

  • Large Cooper - Eromanga Basin permit area – approximately15,000km2 net (approx. 3.7 million acres)
  • Thick prospective shale and coal
  • 14 Tcf (net) mean prospective resource in coal and shale
  • Access to eastern Australia gas markets via existing pipeline infrastructure
  • Operator of four exploration permits
  • Experienced joint venture partners


Strike's Key Permits


Cooper Basin Permits

Strike's Value Creation Strategy

The Cooper Basin is known as Australia’s most prolific onshore hydrocarbon region. Since the 1970s, the Cooper Basin has supplied more than 5 Tcf of gas to Australia’s eastern and southern gas markets. The Eastern Australia gas markets are experiencing rapidly increasing gas demand due to the development of LNG for export and increasing domestic demand. With limited supplies some domestic customers have commented on an inability to contract the necessary gas volumes to meet their needs beyond 2015.

The Cooper Basin has become Australia’s premier location for evaluation of unconventional resources due to the historical hydrocarbon production, extensive geologic database and existing gas processing, pipeline and service infrastructure.

Strike’s Southern Cooper Basin Project is initially targeting the coal seam gas potential within permits PEL 94, PEL 95 and PEL 96. Strike estimates that approximately 75% of the 8.2 to 21.5 Tcf prospective resource in this area is associated with the coal. A significant upgrade to the prospective resource was made in 2012 after high gas content and thick coal was encountered in the Marsden 1 and Davenport 1 wells. The project is ideally positioned to supply the Eastern and Southern Australian gas markets with open-access pipelines passing through the permits.

Strike has one of the largest exposures to the Cooper-Eromanga Basin with approximately 15,000 km2 across its seven permits. Three of the Cooper Basin permits (PEL 94, 95 and 96) are on the southern flanks of the Cooper Basin. The southern flank is less thermally mature than the centre of the basin, suggesting that gas may be liquid prone and may contain significantly less CO2. The unconventional resource in our permit areas are comparatively shallow, meaning that drilling costs will be significantly lower than competing unconventional plays in the central portion of the Cooper Basin.

Strike’s focus is on proving the extent and commercial viability of the Southern Cooper Basin Project resource to establish reserves in order to deliver to gas markets in Eastern and Southern Australia.

In addition to the Southern Cooper Basin Project, Strike was awarded three new permits in 2012: PEL 71, PEL 515 and PEL 575. The primary focus is on the conventional Jurassic and Cretaceous potential, although unconventional plays will also be investigated.

The Western Flank oil fairway could extend southward into PEL 515. However, a significant amount of work including the acquisition and interpretation of seismic data will be required prior to any future drilling.

The PEL 71 permit has potential to follow up the oil shows in Mulapula 1. Seismic reprocessing will be undertaken in conjunction with acquisition of additional seismic to evaluate a number of leads within the block.

Initial evaluation of PEL 575 will focus on an unexplored graben structure within the block.

Strike also holds a minor interest in ATP 549 Cypress Block in the central Cooper Basin, Queensland.

 Strike's Key Permits:







PEL 94


Beach Energy


Davenport 1 encountered over 110 metres of net coal including a single seam 45 metres thick

PEL 95


Beach Energy


Marsden 1 encountered over 800 metres of Permian shale and coal

PEL 96


Strike Energy


Coal seam and shale gas evaluation program currently being planned

PEL 71


Strike Energy


Conventional potential

PEL 515


Strike Energy


Conventional potential

PEL 575


Strike Energy


Conventional and unconentional potential

 ATP 549P - Cypress Block


 Australian Gasfields Limited


Conventional and unconventional potential


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